Women's Groups write urgently to BBC re Jimmy Savile Inquiries

18 October 2012


The following letter has been sent by five leading UK women’s organisations Eaves, End Violence Against Women Coalition, Equality Now, OBJECT and Rape Crisis England and Wales, to BBC Director General George Entwistle today (18 October) regarding the two inquiries into Jimmy Savile’s alleged abuse of children.

The letter asks that the inquiries work with sexual violence experts, and that they look at whether ‘institutional sexism’ was part of what provided a context where abuse could happen.

It asks that both inquiries look at present day as well as historical culture and practice at the BBC, including considering whether the Newsnight editor’s decision to drop the programme’s investigation was related to prejudicial attitudes which minimise abuse of women and girls (seeing it as having no news value in and of itself).

The letter ends by recommending that this year’s Children In Need appeal make organisations which support survivors of sexual abuse a priority funding area.

The letter has been copied to the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, the leader of the Opposition, the two Inquiry leads Dame Janet Smith and Nick Pollard and Lord Leveson.

Read the letter here