Take Action - Feminist Fridays!


Lads mags in paper covers Lads mag in paper cover with slogan 'Love women, hate sexism' Lads mags in paper covers

OBJECT launched Feminist Fridays in March 2009 to reinvigorate grassroots feminist activism against misogynistic lads' mags and newspapers like The Sport being sold as part of the mainstream media. 
Feminist Fridays are a fun way to take a stand against ‘sex object culture’ and to spread grassroots feminist activism in an empowering and creative way. See our film of feminist Fridays here

Since 2009 the number of groups around the country taking part in Feminist Fridays has grown each month and there are more and more people objecting to the objectification of women.  

Disclaimer: OBJECT Feminist Fridays aim to bring awareness to a legitimate cause related to the sale and display of pornographic lads' mags in a way that is peaceful, legal, inclusive and fun. Feminist Fridays do not encourage, promote or condone any activity likely to have an adverse effect on the legitimate business of the premises in question.