Lads' mags campaign

OBJECT has been campaigning on the issue of sexism, lads' mags and newspapers since 2003. Find out how we OBJECT to lads' mags, read our FAQ, get involved in Feminist Fridays, sign our online petition and make use of resources that comprehensively expose lads’ mags for what they are. 

In 2012 OBJECT, together with UK Feminista, have launched Lose the Lads' Mags. Check out the website

Because of this campaign, and previous successful national Feminist Friday campaign and the thousands of people who supported us and signed the petition, Tesco, in 2013, restricted the sale of lads mags to over 18s only. This move has pushed Tesco to contravene their own policy of not stocking any ‘adult’ or ‘pornographic material’.

In September 2013, The Co-op announced that it will no longer stock Nuts, Loaded, Front and The Sport in any of their 4000 stores!

In October 2013, MPs joined the call to Lose the Lads’ Mags.A packed-out meeting in the Houses of Parliament called on Tesco to lose the lads’ mags and the campaign hit the front page of the Observer 
In November 2013,Tesco was criticised in the House of Lords for selling lads’ mags. The Lord Bishop of Derby said “it normalises the offensive attitude to making women commodities and objectifying them”.

New legal advice also shows that displaying and selling lads’ mags and papers with Page 3-style front cover images can constitute sexual harassment or sex discrimination. Employees could take legal action against shops on this basis. Where the magazine is visibly on display, customers could also have a claim.

Our demand is simple follow the lead of the Cooperative and lose the lads mags or risk legal action!

Feminist Friday protest against lads' mags