is a  grassroots feminist campaigns movement mobilising and equipping individuals and groups to target corporations, advertisers, marketers and media which objectify women and sexualise girls to sell products and services.

We campaign against commercial sexual exploitation: prostitution, pornography and the lapdancing industry and for sustainable services to enable women and girls to exit.

Object  names, shames and exposes corporations, advertisers, marketers and media engaging in practices which are offensive and harmful, especially to women and girls, but also to men and boys.

Object provides practical support to communities and local authorities for the effective regulation of the sex industry.

Object speaks truth to power lobbying for legislative change in the Westminster & Scottish Parliaments, the Welsh and Northern Irish Assemblies and at European level


Object is for anyone concerned about the increasing pornification of culture and the way its messages have become entrenched in mainstream society, presenting distorted and dishonest ideas about women and girls, sexuality and relationships.